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Who are the Valkyrie Torva?
by Robin Dancer

The Valkyrie Torva were originally two tribes that lived as one tribe in the forests of  Siba: the Torva Quod Solvo tribe and the Valkyrie tribe.  The two tribes merged and now are known as the Valkyrie Torva tribe and live in the Valkyrie Forest.  We are all sisters and hunt, fight and live side by side. If you attack one of us, you attack all of us.

The Torva came from the forests near the city of Tharna and are made up of free women, runaway slaves, ferals, and wandering panthers.  Tharna is a city ruled by women that saw the Torva as a deterrent against invasions through the forest. The major threat to the Torva were panther hunters that came from other cities to capture and sell them into slavery.  Game became more scarce in the forest and hunting was difficult, so the Torva hijacked a ship and looked for a more bountiful place to live. They settled in the forests of Siba.

The Valkyrie were originally free women that came from Torvaldsland in the north. They left their home in the north searching for true freedom. They settled in the forests of Siba, and many women have sought them out in the forests to join them as sisters. Each new sister seeking the freedom the Valkyrie had found, and finding protection and understanding in the tribe.

The Valkyrie Torva left Siba to return to the lands of the north.  There were sparks and  the ringing of metal  as daggers and blades hit the runestone as we disembarked the boat.  Each huntress struck her blade against the stone as she passed to let the spirits of the forest know we arrived. There was dancing and celebration around bonfires in the woods to give the Goddess thanks for granting us safe passage to the Valkyrie Forest in the north.  We knew some of our enemies would be looking at our empty old camp and wondering what became of us, and we knew that others would try to find us. Maybe our camp was burnt to the ground with curses and blood oaths as we celebrated around our fires, or maybe it still lay empty and silent.  It did not matter to us as we had a new home and a new camp to build.
Torva Quod Solvo Tribe
by BlackRaven Direwytch

The legend goes that a male wandered alone into the woods of Tharna and vanished.  Days later skeletal remains were found just outside the market gate and so the tales started.

They say hidden somewhere deep in the woods of Tharna there exists a tribe with the ability to vanish into the shadows.  Very little is known of them.  It is often argued if they even truly exist……but let me assure you that they did….seeking their prey with a glint in their eyes.

They are practicioners of dark arcane arts long since forgotten and some would even argue forbidden by the Priest Kings.  It is unknow how they manage to avoid the blue flame of death but some say it is connected to the sound they make before they kill…..the whisper of doom…….BURN for the Goddess!

The tribe grew and much blood was spilt in the name of their Goddess.  The tribe soon realised it was time to cover their tracks and move on to new lands.  Jumping aboard a passing ship they killed the captain and smashed the boat against the rocks of Siba.  Joining forces with a local tribe they discovered there they exist now to keep the ways of their tribe alive.
by Danika Stenvaag
En of the Valkyrie Panthers

I am Danika of the Valkyrie – a panther chieftess. But there was a time, now fading in the twisted corridors of memory, when I wore blue and lived in the deep shadows of the midnight sun.

We were free women once, from Torvaldsland. Some of us were scribes, some healers, some of us merchants, and yet, all of us knew something was missing from our lives. Something was lost beyond the ranges – waiting to be found. And so one day, my sisters and I left the barren, snow swept Viking lands of the far north, we left our men, the Marauders of Gor, we left behind all that we knew and loved and ventured toward the warm forested realm of the southern sun. We chose to become panthers, free and independent of the rule of men and corrupt laws.

And yet, we took with us our history, our pride, our Viking heritage, our reverence for the goddess, Freya, and our respect for the gods, Odin and Thor. We took with us our runes and magic. We took with us our memories. All these things still color our day-to-day life as panthers – but we will never go back.

We journeyed into a wild and treacherous unknown land. Despite the dangers, it was here we found our camp and home…  Admittedly, the flavors of the north still influence us, but in every other way, we are panthers now. Our namesake speaks of our northern past, and so it is we are known as the Valkyrie Panthers. We live in Siba.

Surprises awaited us in our new home. The history of the camp is one of an ancient ritual circle hidden in the forests of the land that later would be known as Siba. Ancient inscriptions on the stonewalls of the caves testify to a magical people that once lived here and worshipped the sun, moons, and stars and performed sacred rites. Their priests and priestesses left behind mystical implements, wands, goblets, ritual drums, and other things we continue to find under the cave at the center of camp.

In more recent times, this ancient ritual site would be forgotten and lost, exploited centuries later and used as a mining site. The area is built up on a high natural mesa rich in natural resources. Beneath camp are volcanic lava flows and hidden bubbling hot springs welling up to the surface. Waterfalls, warm pools, and clean surface streams grace this amazing parcel of land.

When we arrived, the mining site had long been abandoned in the deep forests of northeast Siba. And so we made it our camp.

One of the crown jewels of Camp Valkyrie is the sacred moon dance circle on top of the cave. It is surrounded by standing stones, or as we like to call it, magical rune stones. The smaller heel stone points directly east to the sun rising off the sea. It is up here on top of the world where the panther’s most important dance ritual is held under the light of the three moons.

In camp, we have a healing infirmary, a servery stocked with food and drink supplies, several warm springs bathing pools, stable and milking bosk, prison cages we jokingly call the “outlaw inn” (and an extra smaller cage inside the cave for special prisoners or slaves), and on the seaward side, a large tribal campfire with lots of plush rugs and pillows for general gathering. East of the campfire along the edge of the camp overlooking the sea, is the ancient, twisted message tree. This solemn old tree is central to all tribal communications.

The mesa or high-rise surrounding the camp forms natural defense walls. The cliff tops are upturned slightly and the added poisoned spikes help deflect some of the unfriendly arrows sent our way.

While it was used for mining, an area was carved and hollowed out through the west wall and under the great sacred cave that would become our entrance. When you first come into camp through the main entrance, a great rolling stone door, and go up the ancient crumbling stone walkway, you are passing under the cave at the center of camp. Hidden above the stone ceiling is the inner cave. To get inside the cave, you continue walking into camp on the stone path going east toward the sea till you get to the rope ramp leading up to the cave porch and rolling stone door entrance. Inside the cave you will find sanctuary, warmth, and comfort… a warm fire, a small waterfall and spring, a plush rug and pillows, and all that enter here should be reasonably safe and secure. The cave can also be used for slave kennels, council meetings, a safe living alternative for those without a hut, or a place to relax or find intimacy with a partner.

We have other safe places in camp to hide such as a hidden chamber beneath a drop tunnel on the west wall. But none compare to the beauty and peace of the “sea-view escape tunnel.” This tunnel is located along the southeast corner of camp just beyond the main campfire circle and to the right of the message tree facing the sea. There is a circular stone sliding door on the ground. Opening it, you descend the ladder to the underground falls and lava water flow. The sliding stone door above magically rolls shut and locks in moments. The east face of the tunnel is wide open and is met with panoramic views of the sea falling far below your feet, and shimmering pointy islands beyond – frothy waves crashing against their craggy rock faces. In times of peace, this is truly a nice place to relax – maybe enjoy with someone special – and looks spectacular at dawn with the sun rising off the sea ablaze in crimson. And of course, it also offers us an escape route should any of us meet overwhelming forces.

We have truly found our home. The goddess, Freya, has smiled upon the Valkyrie Panthers.