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In the books there weren’t ranks within panther bands (tribes is an online word, they’re called bands in the books), and bands were only about 12 panther girls or less. Given the need for practical organizing and the much larger size/scope of our group, we have many ranked roles and often multiple people in various roles, because people log on at different times so by having multiple people in ranks we generally will have someone around who is of the rank and performs the duties of a particular role. The ranking sister is always in charge of the camp during RP.  When there are two sisters of the same rank online, the sister who has held the rank longest is considered the higher rank.

The order of tribe rank is as follows:
En, Se, Tor, En Healer, First Bow, First Spear, Elder, Fang, Claw, Blaze, Scout, Shaman, Healer, Head Slaver, Slaver, Prowl, Camp Trader, Sister, Cub

In addition, during raids or other times of combat, we have a modified ranking based on combat focus, so during raids or combat our rankings are:
First Bow, First Spear, Raven (only has ranking during combat), Blaze, En, Se, Tor, Fang, Claw, Scout, Prowl, Sister, Cub

-Healers do not have a military rank, but they are ranking on medical matters.
-Shaman does not have military rank, but she is ranking on spiritual and ceremonial matters.
-Slavers do not have military rank, but they are ranking on slave matters. Head Slavers also hold seats on council.
– Elders do not have military ranking.
– Fangs and above are Council Members.

Active Members in their roles: (some hold multiple ranks and may only be listed in their primary ranking below)

The Council Ranks:

-En is the tribal Chieftess, her decisions are final on all matters relating to the tribe, everyone is answerable to her.

Robin Dancer

Danika Stenvaag – En Emeritus
Yami Serendipity – En Emeritus

-Se is second only to the En and in all matters has the same authority but she is answerable to the En.  The Se acts as a council member, advisor to the En, train new cubs in the way of the Panther, and takes charge in the absence of En.

Breezy (sarahsimone)

-Tor is responsible for the welfare of the tribe and the slaves.  Tor is responsible for camp supplies and defenses. Tors are responsible for helping train new cubs and ensuring that cubs are being trained, tested, and promoted in a timely fashion. Tors may organize events such as war games to help with tribal training and practice.

Chloe Baran
Sheera Spicoli
Meggan (meggan.boucher)

*****En Healer*****
En Healer is the head healer. She is also a member of the tribal elders and is in the top tier of tribal elders.

Antonia Medici (Toni)

*****First Bow*****
-First Bow is a battle leader all will obey her in battle.  1st Bow is responsible for training all sisters in combat and tactics with a focus on defense of camp.  First Bows set up training exercises and war games.

Rya Naidoo
Niccole Inglewood

*****First Spear*****
-First Spear is a battle leader all will obey her in battle.  1st Spear is responsible for training all sisters in combat and tactics with a focus on offensive raiding.  First Spears set up training exercises and war games.


-Elders consist of the more experienced sisters.  Elders are council members, and are responsible for mentoring sisters in all aspects of panther life.

Riva Ramer
Sprite Dancer (necha.sabretooth)


– A Fang is the next rank above Claw.  A Fang does all the things that a Claw does, but acts as a senior Claw.  Fangs also have the honor and distinction of being on the tribal Council. Fang now also holds the honor of being in memory of the sacred mountain Ice Fang which one stood outside Tharna, before an earthquake destroyed its fang-like peak.

Moonie (fullmooon.magic)
“Terror” Sigrune (rebellasensuella)
Ƹ̵̡ .Samantha Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (samantha64)

Non-Council Ranks:

– One comment on ravens, we don’t comment on ravens.

It’s a secret 🙂

-Claw is an advanced panther who helps train cubs, and will help full sisters improve their skills and train to fight in teams.  Claws report to First Bows and the Tor. Claws can also test cubs are recommend them for promotion.

Rhondi Randt
Brietta Avedon
ℒʋɲɑ ɗℯℓ ℛℯγ (earaluna)
River (sygnet.despres)

The honorary title of Blaze goes back to the forests of Tharna. Some of the Blazes were legendary in their fighting skills and others used their cunning or stealth to trick the enemy. The arrival of a single Blaze would often turn the tide of a battle. Blaze is a combat leader and reports to the First Bow.

Robin Dancer
Meggan (meggan.boucher)
Niccole Inglewood
synwae (synwae resident)

-Scout is a very skilled hunter.  Scouts are responsible for keeping watch over the camp, exploring and becoming knowledgeable of other lands in Gor.  Scout are directly answerable to the First Bows and First Spears.

NoNo (miran.arai)
Brietta Avedon
Selena Elyria Pendragon (lucywantsyou)

– Shaman is the protector of the forests. She can speak with the trees and animals. The shaman can evoke the rain and other elements through rain dances and helps leads ceremonial dances for the tribe. She is a fortuneteller of sorts through the reading of runes . The Shaman has no military rank, but they are ranking on spiritual matters, ceremonial matters and situations concerning the health of our forests.

Hrêða ℵιghтιу Ðαиçêя (katarina.smithson)
Selena Elyria Pendragon (lucywantsyou)

-Healer heals and cures tribe members.  They must be tested, trained, and certified by another healer. Healers do not have a military rank, but they are ranking on medical matters. They are in charge in the infirmary and while tending battlefield wounds on all medical matters.

Virrana Afarensis
Or-Ree (aureanna)
Julie (blondie.mcmillan)

*****Head Slaver*****
-Slaver cares for the slaves, procures slaves, and obtains submission from captives, she is the authority on slaves and holds a seat on council.  Head Slaver is directly answerable to the Tors.

Ƙαкαѕнι㊟ Aηιѕα (aeoffsgirl.aries)
Giana Edenflower

-Slaver cares for the slaves, procures slaves, and obtains submission from captives, she is the authority on slaves.  Slaver is directly answerable to the Head Slaver.

ىƙƴ (dresika):
Taka (takarazhen)


An advanced sister who is trusted to seek out new huntresses to bring into the tribe. Assists the Claws in the training of cubs. Helps cubs to learn the ways of panthers and our tribe.

Wolfette (wolfetteroux)
Issy (isolde.anatine)
Avita Darwin
Brandy (brandy1993)

*****Camp Trader*****

Camp Trader will visit with other tribes and villages to secure (G&S) trade agreements. Camp Trader will oversee our (G&S) camp supplies and be knowing of our supply needs. Camp Trader is directly answerable to our tribal Elders.

Spice Silverwolf Blackice (feather.demonge)


The band Alchemist is a seeker of knowledge with various chemicals and brews, answerable directly to the En.

Allie (althenia)

*****First Girl / First Bond*****

The First Girl is like a mother to all slave and captives. Is to teach and guide camp slaves, and punish them when a slave fails to do chores or a task instructed to do.

KatieEmerald (katieemerald1990)
Anemone (anemone.draconia)