Valkyrie Torva Trail of the Sisterhood (Cub Test)

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The main goals of the cub test is to help ensure every cub has a minimum of skills needed so that she can be successful in combat. Not everyone is a good bow and some have really slow computers, but we want to make sure everyone has a fighting chance. Also, the better each of us are, the better we are together when we are in battle. We also want to reduce the type of mistakes in RP that might cause a dispute that will invalidate RP and involve a moderator being called to straighten things out. The less OOC disputes there are, the more everyone enjoys the RP.

Note: An En has the authority to waive some or all of the cub tests based on substantial evidence that the cub is competent in the areas tested below.

Be familiar with all of the following info:

Valkyrie Torva History (See Valkyrie Torva Panther Manual)
Valkyrie Torva Ranks and Roles (See Valkyrie Torva Panther Manual)
Anti-Lag Tips (See Valkyrie Torva Panther Manual)
Valkyrie Forest Rules (Go to Dock and get the latest Version)
RP Limits (See Valkyrie Torva Panther Manual)
Note: Tests can be completed in any order.

1. Clear your F-keys of silly SL gestures so they don’t conflict with weapons/fighting gestures.

2. An officer has to pass you on competency with your bow and your blades.
(An officer will test you on these, but you may also provide logs of RP downing with your hits, and logs of beating the Tarl once on the high setting, or twice on the medium setting.  An officer will judge if you are profficient, but that does not necessary mean you have to beat the officer to be promoted.)

3. Know how to RP binding a captive (3 lines minimum, 10 words a line),  revive them on the meter, put them on a captive device and take them off again all while still leashed. Search and disarm them.  (If you capture an enemy during RP and bind them and leash them, notecard it, and it will server as your binding test, or you may be tested by an officer.)

4. Know how to RP adding a sister or ally.  (2 lines minimum, 10 words a line). Be able to aid them on the meter to revive them.

5. Have at least two officers attest to your regular attendance in the sim.

6. Be knowledgeable in basic RP.
You may notecard your RP, or be tested on it by an officer. (Notecard 10 lines of emotes.  These can be 10 lines of emotes from any RP or combination of RPs.)

Note: Once you have been a cub in the tribe for at least one week you can request the cub test at any time you feel you are ready.  If you do not request the cub test, eventually an officer of the tribe will come to you to test as they observe you to be ready, and as time permits.