Path of the Blaze

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Path of the Blaze
Story of the Blaze Back in the forests of Tharna the Torva started the honorary title of Blaze for their best fighters.  Some of the Blazes were legendary in their fighting skills, and other Blazes used their cunning to trick the enemy into traps or used stealth to flank the enemy and make them flee thinking they were under attack by a much larger force.  The arrival of a single Blaze would often turn the tide of a battle and leave the enemy in utter confusion as they scrambled for cover. They were specially trained not only in the use of weapons, but in the of their minds. Their use of special combat tactics and quick thinking could be used to defeat another group of superior numbers or strength, or to defeat a fighter of much greater skills. What a Blaze is Not A blaze is not  a superbow who is dependent on super fast PCs or cheat HUDs. She is not on the GM's Top Fighters list because she spends her day in large outlaw groups downing anyone in sight including unarmed slaves to increase her GM stats.  She should be a very good fighter; however, and she should be able to beat other very good fighters. Requirements for Becoming a Blaze The test for blaze currently consists of the Quest of the Seven Blades, which is actually a series of tests. Note:  All tests must be documented and turned into Robin Dancer for review.  If a quest sends you to another sim, you are responsible for completing the quest following the rules of that sim.  For example, if the sim does not allow panthers, you may have to disguise yourself as a freewoman Purpose of the Tests:  Not all the tests are designed to be impossibly difficult.  Some are designed to ensure that a blaze meets certain minimum requirements.  If you pass all the tests and are judged worthy of being a blaze, it is up to you to practice, spar, and fight well in battle and continue to prove yourself worthy in the eyes of others to hold the title of blaze. Path of the Blaze Quest of the Seven Blades - No one knows what this test is until it is taken and it may vary depending on the blaze candidate and her strengths, weaknesses, and fears.  It will generally consist of multiple parts or multiple tests. Beginning the quest.  To be accepted for the  Quest of the Seven Blades you must obtain a tarn feather and log the RP of the acquiring the tarn feather.  You may obtain the tarn feather in any plausible RP way.  Once you have the tarn feather take it to the center of the stone circle in the Valkyrie Forest and use a small stone to weight it down.  You must also leave your name or your mark or a symbol of your identity next to the the feather and build a small fire next to it to signal your entry into the quest.  Send Robin Dancer the logs of acquiring the tarn feather and performing the ceremony in the stone circle.

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