Rescuing , Raiding and Flagging Guidelines

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Rescuing , Raiding and Flagging Guidelines
Rescuing , Raiding and Flagging Guidelines Note: Make sure you have an IC and reasonable reason for flagging or raiding another sim.  Groups on our enemies list are reasonable to flag or raid particularly if there has been recent and ongoing RP with them. 1. Read the rules of the sim first.  If they do not allow panthers, move on. 2. In general, it should be safe to raid, steal from, or flag people on our enemies list, because they have raided or flagged us before or we have ongoing RP with them. 3. Read the rules regarding rescues if you are rescuing.  Make sure you follow any guidelines for time you have to wait to rescue from the sim the person was captured from. Usualy there is a wait of one or two hours. 4. Make sure there is no raiding ratio, or other rules limiting the size of the raiding party. Some sims also calculate the raiding party ratio by warriors that are not AFK, so AFK warriors and slaves may not count. A raiding ratio limits the number of raiders in relationship to how many defenders there are in the sim.  Some sims also require you schedule the raid 24 hours ahead of time so they can have defenders ready. 5. Avoid attacking cities.  You can sneak into cities and steal.  You can go into cities disguised as a free woman. 6. Do not raid or flag a city. 7.  In general raiding and flagging panther camps, outlaw camps, and small villages are ok as long as the sim rules allow it. 8. When raiding a sim or entering one where you might be forced to fight, check to make sure your weapons are legal in that sim. Swords are generally illegal in most sims for women.  Panthers can usually carry daggers, spears, and bows, but check that your make of weapon is allowed or the weapon itself is not banned on the sim.  Most GE sims will now allow 35% damage swords for panthers and outlaw women generally these sims accept scimitars or short swords of 35% or less.  BTB sims generally do not allow swords for women. Also, be aware that if you are disguised as a free woman, you probably will only be allowed to carry a dagger.

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