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Valkyrie Torva Code of Conduct

I know you are going to run into people RPing that do not follow our standards of RP and fair play. Regardless, we follow the rules of whatever sim we are on, and call a moderator before refusing or removing bindings. If you can legally leave the sim, consider doing so instead of arguing with someone you do not really want to RP with anyway. Avoid breaking rules and do not waste your time in OOC arguments with someone who is unreasonable.

Robin Dancer

1. Play fair, and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. What would you want? If a raider forgets to shout the grapple emote, go with the RP and remind them in an IM for next time.  If you forget to set your meter AFK when you go AFK and your are downed, be a good sport about it. If raiders have a good RP experience, they will return here. If you have a problem with the RP, or you have to leave or log always let the captor know as a courtesy and workout arrangements with them if necessary.

2. Do not refuse bindings, or TP out.  Call a mod first. You will be banned from most sims for this.

3. Do not raid cities. (The best guide of this are the rules of the sim. Follow the rules of the sim regarding panther RP and raids.)  Small villages, Outlaw camps, and panther camps are fine to raid.

4. No mega alliances.  We do not want to give the impression we gather all the panthers we can and randomly devastate everyone in our way. (Again, look at sim rules.  Some sims restrict the number of tribes that can raid together. You are usually ok to get help from another tribe.  Calling out on an OOC group for help causes problems.)

5. Do not randomly attack for no reason.  Have a good IC reason for attacking.

6. Do not act IC on OOC information.  You have to find out IC about things before you can act on things.  If someone IMs you they are captured, for example, you need to rp missing them first and then you need to find someone that has IC information about who took them.  Log your rp about how you knew IC where they were in case their captor asks.

7.  Avoid OOC Insults, Drama and OOC cursing.  Be careful what you say OOC, particularly when you are mad. Cursing will generally make matters worse and cause hard feelings. OOC Insults can get you banned from most sims.

8. Avoid calling mods unless absolutely necessary.  First it disrupts RP.  Ask yourself: Did it really make a difference to the direction of the RP?  If the infraction is minor, go with it.  If a captive is whining and wanting a mod you always have the option of letting them go.  Do you really want to RP with a whiney captive?  I never waste time calling a mod if the captive is whiney.  I just leave them where I downed them,  or sail them on a boat.

9.  Do not be excessively brutal to other sister’s slaves without the owners consent.  You can correct or punish a tribal slave, but do not severely wound them, puncture them with a weapon, or set them on fire. Brutalizing a tribal slave causes drama.

10. Be tolerant and respectful of other people’s RP. Do not interrupt RP if you are asked not to OOC. Use commonsense when entering RP.  If it is obvious two people want to be alone IC, respect that.  If a group of people are taunting a captive, feel free to join in.