The Valkyrie Torva History Scroll


All sisters and slaves of the Valkyrie Torva should know a minimal bit of our tribe history. Like the fact that the original Valkyrie were Free Women of Torvaldsland who sneaked from their homes to the Northern Forest in order to live free of man’s rule and oppression. They were fierce and superior war wenches, a different type of panther band, favoring their bows as all panthers do but also favoring hand axes and machette over the normal spear of panther girls. The Valkyrie fought to live and remain free and they fought like those of the torvee lands they came from, like daughters of Odin.

And of course the Torva Quod Solvo band were less prone to warring ways living in the forests outside of Tharna, and instead practiced more of the dark arts under the All-Mother Freyja. Not that they weren’t fierce opponents in their own right, they certainly were; but where the Valkyrie would charge head-on into a fight the Torva warriors were more apt to sneak in behind an opponent, moving in the shadows, some said with the mystical power of invisibility they could just suddenly appear with their dagger to your throat.

All of this is true that I have written, but there is more, so much more, that needs to be preserved for the ages. We, the current sisters and slaves of the Valkyrie Torva stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us. Names that few remember today and none will tomorrow, and their deeds–if not their names–must be remembered and honored always. That is what this scroll is intended to do.

To understand the history of this mixed band, the Valkyrie Torva, one must know of how the two bands came together.

As told above, the Valkyrie were a fierce band of war wenches. The founding Chieftess (she went by Chieftess not En) Danika pushed her sisters hard to train every day in the arts of war. They constantly sparred, trained, and raided the panther camps and small villages of the Northern Forest in order to get what they needed to establish their new camp while also retaining their own freedom. It was a perilous time but following their brazen Chieftess the sisters of the Valkyrie became widely known for their abilities in combat.

It was said by some who knew them in those days that one Valkyrie landing on your docks was a raid, and two Valkyrie was a zerg.

At around the same time the red caste warriors of Tharna began to burn the surrounding forests in attempts to capture the ever elusive and bothersome sisters of the Torva Quod Solvo, and eventually the time came when the band decided they must leave their beloved grounds and move deep into the Northern Forests where they would be more secure to continue on in their mystical ways.

One day, at the height of the Valkyrie’s warring times and as the Torva Quod Solvo were moving through the Northern Forest to find their new home, the leaders of these two very different and each individually unique tribes met face to face, their full bands behind them.

Nerves were tighter than drawn bow strings as each huntress on the field awaited the order from her respective leader to attack. Buzzards began to circle overhead in the sky awaiting the feast of flesh they expected to be left upon the field in short time. The forest around the field grew deathly quiet. And in the end, no orders to attack ever came.

Instead, the Chieftess of the Valkyrie and the En of the Torva Quod Solvo saw in one another some bright flame and a kindred spirit. Rather than engaging in battle they embraced in friendship, and so too did their sisters.

From that day forward they lived in harmony of spirit, these two very different groups of unique panther girls, with a perfect blending of magic and might, forever more to call themselves only the Valkyrie Torva.

This is the history, as true as it be known to any alive, of the unique and mighty band you belong to. Never forget it nor the nameless many upon who’s accomplishments and reputation you now stand.