Valkyrie Torva Halloween Bash – 2015

Thanks to the great efforts of our Tor (and Host) Meggan Boucher and the rocking tunes of DJ Tana, the band held one Hellish Halloween party on Saturday, October 24th. We peeked at 56 costumed guests and the compliments are still coming in days later.

Thank you to Tor Meggan and DJ Tana, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came and shared in the night with us. We loved seeing everyone and the wildly entertaining costumes you all brought.

Here’s a small sampling of images taken through the night, sorry we couldn’t get pics and memorialize everyone who came in images, but the memories are there forever 🙂

The Valkyrie Torva History Scroll


All sisters and slaves of the Valkyrie Torva should know a minimal bit of our tribe history. Like the fact that the original Valkyrie were Free Women of Torvaldsland who sneaked from their homes to the Northern Forest in order to live free of man’s rule and oppression. They were fierce and superior war wenches, a different type of panther band, favoring their bows as all panthers do but also favoring hand axes and machette over the normal spear of panther girls. The Valkyrie fought to live and remain free and they fought like those of the torvee lands they came from, like daughters of Odin.

And of course the Torva Quod Solvo band were less prone to warring ways living in the forests outside of Tharna, and instead practiced more of the dark arts under the All-Mother Freyja. Not that they weren’t fierce opponents in their own right, they certainly were; but where the Valkyrie would charge head-on into a fight the Torva warriors were more apt to sneak in behind an opponent, moving in the shadows, some said with the mystical power of invisibility they could just suddenly appear with their dagger to your throat.

All of this is true that I have written, but there is more, so much more, that needs to be preserved for the ages. We, the current sisters and slaves of the Valkyrie Torva stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us. Names that few remember today and none will tomorrow, and their deeds–if not their names–must be remembered and honored always. That is what this scroll is intended to do.

To understand the history of this mixed band, the Valkyrie Torva, one must know of how the two bands came together.

As told above, the Valkyrie were a fierce band of war wenches. The founding Chieftess (she went by Chieftess not En) Danika pushed her sisters hard to train every day in the arts of war. They constantly sparred, trained, and raided the panther camps and small villages of the Northern Forest in order to get what they needed to establish their new camp while also retaining their own freedom. It was a perilous time but following their brazen Chieftess the sisters of the Valkyrie became widely known for their abilities in combat.

It was said by some who knew them in those days that one Valkyrie landing on your docks was a raid, and two Valkyrie was a zerg.

At around the same time the red caste warriors of Tharna began to burn the surrounding forests in attempts to capture the ever elusive and bothersome sisters of the Torva Quod Solvo, and eventually the time came when the band decided they must leave their beloved grounds and move deep into the Northern Forests where they would be more secure to continue on in their mystical ways.

One day, at the height of the Valkyrie’s warring times and as the Torva Quod Solvo were moving through the Northern Forest to find their new home, the leaders of these two very different and each individually unique tribes met face to face, their full bands behind them.

Nerves were tighter than drawn bow strings as each huntress on the field awaited the order from her respective leader to attack. Buzzards began to circle overhead in the sky awaiting the feast of flesh they expected to be left upon the field in short time. The forest around the field grew deathly quiet. And in the end, no orders to attack ever came.

Instead, the Chieftess of the Valkyrie and the En of the Torva Quod Solvo saw in one another some bright flame and a kindred spirit. Rather than engaging in battle they embraced in friendship, and so too did their sisters.

From that day forward they lived in harmony of spirit, these two very different groups of unique panther girls, with a perfect blending of magic and might, forever more to call themselves only the Valkyrie Torva.

This is the history, as true as it be known to any alive, of the unique and mighty band you belong to. Never forget it nor the nameless many upon who’s accomplishments and reputation you now stand.

Bondmaids Class By Branwyn

The respected Lady Branwyn came to our camp and gave a voice class on bondmaids, it was entertaining and instructional for both bonds and our panther girl sisters alike for showing how bonds would act (based on their behavior in Book 9, Marauders of Gor) and also in how we panther girls should interact with our bonds as well.

With Lady Branwyn’s kind permission, I offer the full audio of this class here for all to listen, enjoy and learn from. Below also is the text Notecard “Bondmaids Class By Brandwyn”

And the class notecard in text format:  Bondmaids_Class_By_Branwyn

Enjoy, and a special thank you once again to Lady Branwyn for sharing her time and wisdom with us.

What’s In The Box?

So last night the bond Adio of the Sa’Jesuil found her way to her second home in Gor, the punishment cross within the Valkyrie Torva camp. After an embarrassing little go-around in which we were going to shave her head only to find she was wearing a wig after her owner, Sa’Jesuil Se Sheera, had already shaved her head recently, the decision was made to show some good will towards the Sa’Jesuil and return Adio home unharmed. We even took a crate to deliver her in like a little present.

Myself, my sister Sarwin, and our bond Nao began walking Adio from Valkyrie Forest, through Three Moon Valley, then into Isle of Brands where we passed two Sa’Jesuil panther girls.

[00:03:23] Adio Magic: in a whimpery tone “mm mm mm m m mmm”
[00:03:31] Breezy: You ok Nao, I know that box is heavy
[00:04:10] NaoNao giggles a bit as she seems to be having a hard time keeping steady but trying to hide it, “Yes huntress, I’m fine.”
[00:04:17] Adio Magic: spots Josie “mm mm m mm mmm m”
[00:04:41] Breezy: Come Adio, lets get you home safel
[00:04:47] Breezy: *safely
[00:04:56] Priese: wait
[00:04:58] Adio Magic: then spots Pri “mm mmmm mmmmm”

At this point we had passed the two Sa’Jesuil panthers on the path, I had said loud enough for them to hear that we were taking Adio home safely, yet without further comment they attacked us from behind. (Hint: this didn’t go too well for the Sa’Jesuil * giggles)

[00:05:21] Breezy: .unleash
[00:05:21] BreezyBreezy pulls out her bow and notches a red and blue feathered arrow into it shouting “Beware the pointy end!”
[00:05:23] SarwinSarwin Pulls her sword from the sheath and gets ready to use it.
[00:05:26] GM 4.43GM 4.43 ~ Priese Resident hit you with Primus Swamprat Machete Sword 3.52 [apex] (sm) (40%) – strike type: sword ~
[00:05:31] ArrowS1 X-SkyWave [by LR] Elite 4.04: Direct Hit on Adio Magic
[00:05:37] ArrowS1 X-SkyWave [by LR] Elite 4.04: Direct Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:38] ArrowS1 X-SkyWave [by LR] Elite 4.04: Direct Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:38] GM 4.43GM 4.43 ~ nomodan Resident hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.5 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct ~
[00:05:40] BreezyBreezy pulls out her really long spear and with fire in her orbs hisses “I got something for your bottom now…”
[00:05:45] LR Guerrilla Klaive Draw 2.21: Melee Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:45] LR Guerrilla Klaive Draw 2.21: Melee Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:46] LR Guerrilla Klaive Draw 2.21: Melee Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:46] LR Guerrilla Klaive Draw 2.21: Melee Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:47] LR Guerrilla Klaive Draw 2.21: Melee Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:47] GM 4.43GM 4.43 ~ SarahSimone Resident Has Captured nomodan Resident! ~
[00:05:48] LR Guerrilla Klaive Draw 2.21: Melee Hit on nomodan Resident
[00:05:50] BreezyBreezy pulls out her bow and notches a red and blue feathered arrow into it shouting “Beware the pointy end!”
[00:06:07] ArrowS1 X-SkyWave [by LR] Elite 4.04: Direct Hit on Priese Resident
[00:06:07] GM 4.43GM 4.43 ~ SarahSimone Resident Has Captured Priese Resident! ~

[00:06:29] Breezy: Sheesh, we didn’t need the practice * laughs
[00:06:54] Breezy shouts: Nao, grab Adio’s leash and bind the other one with golden hair
[00:07:03] Nao shouts: Yes huntress
[00:07:21] BreezyBreezy pulls out a rope from her thigh pouch and ties the huntress’s ankles together with a triple knot
[00:07:41] BreezyBreezy pulling out a second rope she ties her arms and hands behind her back very tight
[00:08:03] BreezyBreezy then pulls out a third and longer piece of rope and use it around Priese’s waist as a make-shift leash
[00:09:19] Josie shouts: let me walk!
[00:09:36] BreezyBreezy pulling the huntress out of the trees she then leans down and cuts her feet loose so that she may walk on her own “We’ll take you all home now, don’t give us any trouble or I’ll drag you the whole way”
[00:09:40] Josie: let me walk, damn it
[00:10:19] NaoNao scowls down at the huntress on the ground, “I’ll let you walk, but that was simply because you made me drop the box…” she says as she bends down, loosening the binds
[00:10:38] GM 4.43GM 4.43 ~ Sarwin Resident has recovered! ~
[00:10:44] Josie: Thanks girl
[00:10:48] BreezyBreezy leans down and slaps her sister’s cheek a few times “plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead, get up”
[00:11:11] Josie: again in trouble, Adio?
[00:11:14] Breezy: Nao, give Sarwin the two leashes so you can carry your box and lets go
[00:11:24] SarwinSarwin grunts as she stands to her feet, looking between the two crazy ones in binds before looking at Breezy. “Its like walking in soup here…” she kicks the ground.
[00:11:27] Adio Magic: shake sher head to Josie “mm mm m m mmm”
[00:11:32] NaoNao nods, “At least Adio will have company in the box huntress.”
[00:11:40] NaoNao hands the leashes to Sarwin
[00:11:47] Priese: ]laughs and just shakes her head
[00:11:56] SarwinSarwin reaching up she takes the leashes from Nao and sighs looking at Breezy “I dont suppose they were thinking when they decided on that one.”
[00:12:09] Breezy: Aye, did you two huntresses not hear me say we were bringing Adio home safely? * shakes head and starts off toward Odin’s
[00:12:19] Josie: i did!
[00:12:26] Priese: shakes her head…” no !!”
[00:12:33] Priese: sighs
[00:12:42] Josie: but my sis asked you to wait, and you ingnored her
[00:13:03] Josie: your back, Adio!
[00:13:15] SarwinSarwin turns and looks at Josie a moment before looking back at Adio “Yeah…she’s a little thief….”
[00:13:20] BreezyBreezy hearing the one’s comment “I tend to ignore all but my own En, it keeps me out of trouble usually… a lesson perhaps you just learned if you’re wise”
[00:13:22] Adio Magic: shrugs, as she was only seeing an old Sinalrra scar
[00:13:33] Priese: laughs ” her back is always like that …she self harms I think !”
[00:13:58] Adio Magic: pouts as she hears Pri’s words

Having all three Sa’Jesuil now firmly leashed we marched them the rest of the way into Odin’s Outpost and to their own trade dock, that’s when the real fun began.

[00:14:53] Breezy: okees Nao, set up your crate
[00:15:01] NaoNao finally sets the crat on the post and openss it up
[00:15:05] Priese: eyes the crate
[00:15:26] Breezy: Nao, help me lift this one into it
[00:15:31] Josie: what are you doing, crazy people?
[00:15:43] SarwinSarwin grabs Adio and narrows her eyes a bit as she tugs the girl over, wrapping her hands around her arms she turns her and prepares to put her in the box.
[00:16:03] BreezyBreezy heaves and shooves to lift the bound panther up and drop her into the crate with Nao’s help
[00:16:12] NaoNao nods but first removes the huntresses weapons and tossing them onto the wood before helping the huntress lift the panther into the box
[00:16:26] JosieJosie pushes Sarwin in the butt making her fall to her knees
[00:16:27] SarwinSarwin holding Adio’s arms, she pulls her close and looks to Breezy “This one next?”
[00:16:44] BreezyBreezy then goes over to josie “you next come on Nao help me out here the Jezzies ain’t light”
[00:16:50] Adio Magic: whimpers
[00:17:16] NaoNao sees Josie’s actions and pulls her away from Sarwin and removes her weapons as well and drags her over to the crate
[00:18:11] Breezy: See, we not demand trade for any of you, we Valks are mighty and don’t need your wares, we bring you home delivered in a nice packing crate for your people to find and open
[00:18:17] SarwinSarwin mutters about someone having an ass fetish, looking at Josie she stands and dusts herself off and reaches out, pointing a claw at her “Mind your mannors…at least we’re being nice about this.” she looked back at Breezy as she worked once again to help get Adio in the box.
[00:18:25] Priese shouts: SISTERS….HELP !!!!!
[00:18:49] Josie shouts: help!!!
[00:18:50] NaoNao quickly puts Adio in the box and shuts the crate.
[00:19:14] NaoNao takes the butt of her dagger and nails it shut and looks to the huntresses, “Run!”
[00:19:15] Sarwin: Perhaps they should think twice before opening fire again.
[00:19:27] Josie shouts: help!!
[00:19:28] Breezy: ((lovely picture))
[00:19:40] Adio Magic: whimpers loudly “mm m m m mmmmm” as the light is progressively shut out as the lid is clsed

Once all three were packaged into the nice delivery crate, I was kind enough to ring their trade bell, after all I didn’t want them to suffocate in that box if nobody came along to find them. The Sa’Jesuil Taya and Velvet came in response to the bell.

[00:19:43] Trade Bell shouts: The Trade Bell tolls! Trade is requested!
[00:19:58] Breezy: There you go girls, be well
[00:20:06] Josie: damn it!
[00:20:10] Sarwin: No more stealing Adio
[00:20:10] Priese: gives Adio a kick
[00:20:16] Breezy: Tal Taya
[00:20:25] Josie: i will not forget this!
[00:20:27] Breezy: Tal Velvet
[00:20:35] Nao: Tal huntresses
[00:20:36] Taya JesterTaya Jester raised a brow hearing the commotion within the box, her head canting before she looked over to Breezy and bowed her head. “Tal Breezy, what do you have here?”
[00:20:38] Sarwin: Tal
[00:20:46] Adio Magic: staggers around in the darkness that is the inside of the crate, bumping and nudging Josie and Pri repeatedly
[00:20:52] Priese: kicks the side of the box
[00:20:56] SarwinSarwin points to the box and shrugs “A thief and two people who dont believe in trade peace.”
[00:20:58] Breezy: We’re delivering a free present for you tonight, courtesy of the mighty Valkyrie Torva
[00:21:06] ƲєƖνєт ℑєѕтєяƲєƖνєт ℑєѕтєя sighing she looks to the box, then to Breezy.. she thought she recognized the voice coming from the box, she rose an eyebrow, “tal breezy, let me guess, you;re giving us a trojan horse?”
[00:21:17] Taya JesterTaya Jester raised a brow as she adjusted and looked at the box, knocking on it a few times. “What’s in it?”
[00:21:17] Priese: then kicks adio though it could be Josie
[00:21:27] SarwinSarwin pouts at Velvet “Its not a horse….it does at least look like a box.”
[00:21:37] BreezyBreezy laughs to Velvet, well the value of the crate’s contents I’ll leave for you to determine
[00:21:43] Josie: “ouch” ~ shays after been kicked
[00:22:00] Taya JesterTaya Jester adjusted herself and waited for a moment, shifting as she listened the sounds inside. “You sure you want to give them to us? I mean I’ll take one of em, you can keep the cap sluts.”
[00:22:06] Adio Magic: “mm mm m mmmmm”
[00:22:15] SarwinSarwin tries not to laugh at that
[00:22:15] Priese: mutters….” adio you are going to pay !”
[00:22:36] NaoNao giggles softly but remains composed as a proper slave
[00:22:44] Josie: let us out, damn it, is too dark!
[00:22:50] Breezy: As tempting as that may sound Taya, they’re small fishies, catch and release size as of yet
[00:22:51] SarwinSarwin hearing the one she smirked “Well seeing as Adio is only guilty of theft….your the one who opened fire.”
[00:23:01] Adio Magic: as she stumbles about the crate rocks back and forth
[00:23:08] Taya JesterTaya Jester snarled back as she looked to the box. “Shut it Josie before I put a collar on your neck and force ya to your knees.”
[00:23:25] Josie: what? are you insane?
[00:23:38] Taya JesterTaya Jester turned her attention to Breezy as she nodded her head. “Alright then, guess I’ll have to accept the gift.”
[00:23:44] SarwinSarwin seeing the crate beginning to rock, she lifts her bow and shoots an arrow to its side to give it a bit more stability. “Hope it helps.”
[00:23:51] Priese: whispers ” for goodness sake adio stop moving, the filth will go soon !”
[00:24:10] JosieJosie kicks the box from inside frustrated but falls down over Adio
[00:24:14] BreezyBreezy laughs “Taya, I hope the Jesuils will see this gift as a gesture of goodwill on our part towards your band, that we need not always be trading in arrows with one another”
[00:24:29] SarwinSarwin nods in agreement.
[00:24:42] Adio Magic: the arrow head partially pierced the crate wall
[00:24:43] Taya JesterTaya Jester shook her head as she spoke in a chuckle. “I really don’t see how giving us back burdens is a good will.”
[00:24:45] ƲєƖνєт ℑєѕтєя: If those voices belong to who I think they belong to, you would be doing us a favor to keep them, Breezy.
[00:24:54] Priese: feels a trickle of sweat run slowly down her back as the inside of the box starts to heat up
[00:25:22] BreezyBreezy almost falls over laughing “I sorry huntresses, did not mean to deliver headaches” and laughs some more
[00:25:36] Nao: If you’d rather not keep them, you could always ship the box elsewhere
[00:25:38] Adio Magic: a cathud is heard as Josie lands atop Adio “aarffff!”
[00:25:41] SarwinSarwin nods “You might need some Kanda before opening it.”
[00:25:56] Josie: wow! when was the last time that you took a shower Adio? you smell terrible!
[00:26:12] Priese: whispers to Josie…” is the air becoming less in here ” and growls at Adio…”no farting !”
[00:26:15] Taya JesterTaya Jester adjusted a little at the talk of kanda and the like, her shoulders shrugging. “Got plenty of that. Next time you bring these fools back, bring some sort of compensation for making me having to take them.”
[00:26:35] Adio Magic: “mm mmm m mmm:” she rocks from side to side, eventually dislodging Josei from atop
[00:26:36] NaoNao can’t hold back laughing this time
[00:26:46] SarwinSarwin smirks and gestures a thumb at Taya “I like her….she’s funny.”
[00:27:02] Priese: ” she has definitely farted the little bish !!!”
[00:27:07] BreezyBreezy giggles “Next time one of these fools attempts to steal from us, or fires on us unprovoked, this is not where I’ll be shipping them, and they’ll be in multiple… tiny… boxes”
[00:27:08] Adio Magic: frustrated at being crushed she deliberately lets some wind escape “brbrbrbrbrb”
[00:27:33] Taya JesterTaya Jester raised a brow as she adjusted a moment and looked to the box, shaking her head. “What stopped you from doing me that favor now?”
[00:27:49] SarwinSarwin raises a brow hearing the box fart. She looked at Taya and sighed “THey’re gonna die from toxic exposure now….”
[00:27:57] Nao: The fact we only had one box.
[00:27:59] JosieJosie tries to stand up and in the process holds some breasts and just says “upps sorry”
[00:28:06] Priese: ” wooof what did you eat Adio !”
[00:28:14] Breezy: As I said, a little show of goodwill… or at least I thought it was so. Be well Jesuils, lets go home Valks.
[00:28:36] Sarwin: Yes be well and good luck opening it.
[00:28:36] Nao: Yes huntress
[00:28:44] Nao: Be well
[00:28:45] Priese: almost faints
[00:28:52] Taya JesterTaya Jester huffed as she shook her head and turned to the box, knowing they would need to be dealt with, figuring Josie and Adio can be caged and the third freed for now. “Alright, get going Valks, apparently I got some work to do.”
[00:29:02] Breezy: Taya, Velvet, always a pleasure… and don’t be gentle getting that crate into camp, it isn’t fragile at all


… and the mighty Valkyrie Torva returned home, peeing themselves in laughter the entire way.